Change your dog,
change yourself,
change your life!

Do you love your dog but still get frustrated and upset with her behavior?  We want you to know that there is hope! You are not alone, and many of the dogs that come here have already been to other trainers with little or no success.  Whether your dog is aggressive, reactive, fearful, pulling on the leash, or just generally disobedient, at Follow The Leader Dog Training we are here to help you change your dog, change yourself, and change your life!

Follow the Leader Dog Training exceeded all of my expectations. Matt is so knowledgeable about any issues we were having and each session was individualized to my dog. ... I am so happy that we went through this training program and would recommend it to any one that has any sort of problems with their dog!

... Matt really goes above and beyond to ensure his clients are successful-while being very honest about the work that has to happen at home to actually see the progress. He doesn't just teach a skill, he has you try it and coaches you to ensure when you go home, you're doing the right things to help your dog.

Matt Hendricks with Lily

About Follow The Leader Dog Training

Hi, my name is Matt Hendricks, and I started Follow The Leader Dog Training to offer a balanced dog training and behavior modification solution for West Michigan. I first got interested in dog training because my own dogs were out of control, so I understand how disrupting that can be in your life. I have been working with dogs (both individually and in packs) since 2007. In addition, I have studied with world renowned dog trainers Sean O’Shea and Jeff Gellman.

West Michigan's Premier Balanced Dog Trainers and Behaviorists

We specialize in everything from basic dog obedience training to advanced behavior modification and dog aggression issues. Using our natural and balanced approach to training we are able to help your dog achieve a better state of mind and thus create calmness in the place of chaos.  This will help your family to actually attain that transformation you’re looking for so you may completely enjoy having a dog. Many of the dogs we train have already been to other trainers with little or no success before being brought here.

Follow The Leader Dog Training is one of the few dog training companies who will actually work with aggressive dogs. In addition to working with aggression, we also specialize in issues such as pulling on the leash, leash reactivity, not coming when called, fear and anxiety, separation anxiety, counter surfing, stealing food off your table, running away, barking, jumping up on people, not staying in place, snapping and growling, chewing, not respecting thresholds (such as doors and gates), and much more. We are also experts at dog obedience training and consistently teach dogs the structured walk (heel), sit-stay, down-stay, place, recall (come when called), out (drop it), proper feeding etiquette, and to go to their crate. In addition, we also specialize in off-leash, low-level e-collar training.

Follow The Leader Dog Training is based in Grand Rapids, but also provides balanced dog training for nearby places such as Grand Haven, Holland, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Rockford, Hudsonville, Grandville, Byron Center, Jenison, Kentwood, Lowell, Comstock Park, Walker, Cascade, Ada, Cedar Springs, Greenville, Sparta, and many others.