Does Follow The Leader Dog Training use treats during training?

We believe that training should be relationship based, and we are able to get dogs to want to do what we want without the use of treats. However, we do find that using the dog’s daily food during training can be helpful for some dogs.  That being said, it is important to note that when we do use a dog’s food during training, we use it in such a way that the training does not become dependent on the food in any way. A dog should want to work for you, not for the treat.  Watch the video below or read my blog post about food and training for a more detailed explanation.

Why do you use prong collars?

We find prong collars to be some of the safest and most effective collars available. On top of that, prong collars are very instinctual to the dog. Even when your dog was just a few weeks old, the mother dog would use its teeth to move or correct the puppy.

We always use Herm Sprenger (except when we need a micro-sized collar) prong collars because they have nicely rounded tips and a nice action. When used properly, prong collars are not designed to cause pain to the dog. They will, however, allow you to easily communicate with your dog in a way that he already understands. Basically, prong collars allow us to more effectively speak part of your dog’s language.

Why do you use e-collars?

We find modern e-collars to be the safest and easiest training tool available today. Our approach of low level e-collar training after doing foundation work with a leash to be an extremely effective approach that makes sense to your dog. Also, many people that struggle with leash skills, or have a dog that is way stronger than they are, do great with e-collars. E-collars also give you and your dog more freedom, because you are not limited by your leash, and we always use the highest-quality e-collars available to ensure both consistency and reliability.

Will my dog be scared by your training methods - he is already fearful?

As Sean O’Shea likes to say, “Lack of structure / rules / guidance = stress / anxiety / fear.” Our training approach actually helps fearful dogs come out of their shell and feel more comfortable in life. Most dogs have been looking for a competent pack leader, but decide that they have to do the job when they don’t see anyone else doing it. We are here to help empower you to be the leader your dog has been looking for.

Does Follow The Leader Dog Training deal with aggressive dogs?

Yes. Our training system works extremely well with aggressive dogs.

Walking my dog is a nightmare. He pulls, lunges, jumps, etc. Can you help with this?

Yes. How to walk your dog well is the most important thing you can learn. We have tremendous success getting dogs to walk well.

I have been to other trainers and had little or no success. How are you different?

At Follow The Leader Dog Training, we focus on your dog’s state of mind, and we accomplish behavior modification through training. Basically, we don’t bribe your dog to teach them a few tricks, or just punish your dog every time he does something we don’t like. Our approach focuses on the relationship you have with your dog and how we can use techniques that will still work for you once you get home. Since we are able to affect your dog’s state of mind through our training, we are able to calm your dog down and end up with a dog that is a joy to live with and is happy to listen to you.

Is there a guarantee if I don't see the results I was expecting?

Due to how many variables there are in dog training, and due to the fact that a large part of your success is based on how much effort you put in, we cannot ethically say 100% that you will see the results you wanted. That being said, we work hard to pick clients who we feel have a very high chance of succeeding. Once we agree to work with you and your dog, your success is of upmost importance to us. Also, all of our packages come with ongoing email support to answer any questions that may come after training.