I can walk my dog now without him pulling me. He is like a different dog. It was a serious problem and now I look forward to walking him.


This training accomplished more than I could have hoped for. My dog did not look at me as his pack leader but now he does. He listens to me and you can tell he want to do what I ask. He use to run in the woods or over to the neighbors but now if he gets out he comes right to me even before I call him. You covered everything I was concerned about and more. I would recommend you to anyone that needs help. You taught me what I needed to do to teach him. You were there to correct me when I was inconsistent and explain better ways to do what I needed to accomplish. I appreciated your honesty with me so I could change my behavior so that Sebastian was getting consistent training.

Thank you so much. He actually let me get out of the car and waited for me to get out first!!!


Thanks again for making a huge difference in our lives!


Matt is really fabulous. This training went above and beyond my expectations!


Bruizer now follows me instead of leading me in a walk. He is also not reacting to other dogs during a walk and if he does I have the tools to correct him and bring back his attention to me. Thank you for your help. It's great to see the successful steps we have made with Bruizer.


Capone is so easy to handle now! I can take him on walks, to the store, have company over and have no apprehensions!!


The lessons exceeded my expectations. Matt is very generous with his time and made sure I felt like I knew what I was doing on my own before sending me home to practice. He also helped us work through some nasty attitude and fear that I could not have pushed through on my own. I feel like me and my dog have a wide open future and will be able to do lots of cool stuff that we were not able to do before. It is so enjoyable to go on long walks with my dog while he is in a calm state of mind walking behind me. Also, just the overall change in state of mind for my dog. He is much calmer, more aware, thinking about his choices, etc.


I wanted to be able to trust myself and my dog around other people and see a visible change in her behavior and he gave me all the tools I needed for that. She’s not perfect yet but I’m positive my dog is changed and I can continue training to make her more confident in herself and am very close to trusting her around other dogs and people. He was great about answering any question I had. I want to thank him so much for all the answers he had and making sure I was always confident in a skill before moving on. He has the patience of a saint and really went above and beyond what I thought I was going to get from training.


Matt is great!


Kylo is on his way to being a full relaxed dog as opposed to anxious 24/7.


Thank you. I took him into town to walk through the business district where construction is happening. Lots of loud noises and commotion. When we walked past a house on the way a little dog on a leash flew out of this woman’s car and ran up on us barking and growling. As I was moving Murph in the opposite direction the dog started to bite at his hind legs and then moved in front of us. At this point his owner was there and scooping the pipsqueak up so I put Murph, who was completely calm?!, into a sit while waited for her to gain control of her dog. He listened to me flawlessly! I totally believe he wanted to get at that dog but that didn’t stop him from listening to me. He sat and waited until I told him to break and then we continued on our way. We then passed many people and a couple dogs, retreated once with the first dog and then with the second he was all eyes on me and we could walk right by!


Learned a lot in a short amount of time. Our dog was so much better behaved after just one lesson.


Follow the Leader Dog Training exceeded all of my expectations. Matt is so knowledgeable about any issues we were having and each session was individualized to my dog. He was always accessible for any questions I had, and always had a solution to offer. This training has made my dog better on and off leash and he is more relaxed in the home. He is more polite to houseguests and barks less and is overall happier. I am so happy that we went through this training program and would recommend it to any one that has any sort of problems with their dog!


Matt was engaged and focused on helping us deal with our dog. While he gave stories about other dogs-he kept his focus on what would work for George and how we could see that or learn more about how he learns and reacts. He was always available via text or phone to ensure if we had issues between sessions, we would be able to handle them. Matt really goes above and beyond to ensure his clients are successful-while being very honest about the work that has to happen at home to actually see the progress. He doesn't just teach a skill, he has you try it and coaches you to ensure when you go home, you're doing the right things to help your dog.


Only after two hours with Follow The Leader Dog Training and Rehabilitation LLC I finally know how to walk my dog and understand his language. Crazy. #fiveyearslater


I just wanted to say thank you for helping us with Bo. I actually enjoy walking him now and even taking him into stores while pushing a cart. I never thought that would have been possible. Thank you!



By the way Ziva has done great - tremendous. She has been under control, happy, and far less fearful of new things. When there is something she is fearful of, she is able to with a small amount of work, get over it. She was confident hunting with or without Willie prior to our trip out to South Dakota. On our trip to South Dakota she was confident and happy the entire trip. She hunted great -learning every day - ranging farther out every day in a controlled manner. She was very comfortable around the other dogs. I truly believe she simply needed me to be a leader and learn that I can be trusted to be a leader.

Pippa and Bear

Just wanted to let you know that Pippa has done great this weekend. She was awesome on her walks and we even stopped to talk to neighbors and she sat patiently beside us. Also, last night a couple of neighbors came over and when they rang the bell she barked and left place but we collected her and got her back on place, and she stayed there until we released her and did not show any aggression towards the neighbors (who she's never met before). We are still building the new relationship with her but i really think she's cured. You're a life saver!

I wanted to let you know that we took the dogs on trail walks this weekend behind out house in the wooded area and we didn't use leashes!!! They did wonderful and stayed in heel almost the entire time


I took Maize for a walk first thing this morning (about a half hour). He did very well. Just had to correct him once when a person walked by.


I just walked Lady about 4 blocks without holding on to her leash & she stayed next to me the entire time!