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One-On-One Lessons

Pack Leader - Complete (Most Popular)

Does your dog react aggressively to other people or dogs?  It is embarrassing when he won’t come back when you call him?  Does she terrorize your neighbors? Do you never invite friends and family over anymore do to your dog’s behavior?  Is your dog so anxious that you can’t leave your house because he has broken out of crates? Does she pull so hard on the leash that you are scared or even unable to walk her?  Does he bark or whine every time someone walks by your house? Are you committed to doing what is best for your dog but you are simply at a loss?

There is hope!  I work with dogs just like yours all the time.  Using my natural, balanced, and common sense approach to training and rehabilitation, I am able to help you and your dog overcome even the most embarrassing and dangerous behavioral problems.  I regularly work with dogs that other trainers and behaviorists have either turned down or have simply failed with.  In addition to that, I also can teach your dog to be obedient even in the most distracting real life environments even without a leash on.

To accomplish this, I go after the root cause of your dog’s behavioral issues and solve the problem from the ground up.  I am also an expert at coaching you on how to communicate with your dog effectively. I make sure that your dog actually listens to you, and not just to me.  By the time you are done, you will have a better relationship with your dog than you have ever had before.  Please let me help you change your dog, change yourself, and change your life!

  • 7-8 one-on-one lessons
  • 1-2 hours each
  • State-of-the-art modern remote collar (also known as e-collar) training
  • All training equipment (except for a crate and/or muzzle if one is needed) is included (an over $200 value) to make training as easy and simple as possible for you
    • Herm Sprenger prong collar
    • E-collar Technologies Remote Collar
    • Training leash
    • Long Line
    • Slip lead/slip collar if used
    • Food pouch if used
    • Clicker if used
  • Real results that work in real life situations
  • Ongoing email support included
  • $1,199 – at our location

Pack Leader - Essential

Do you love your dog but you still feel frustrated and upset every time you walk her?  Have you tried to work with her but you are still embarrassed when you pass by other people or dogs?  Will he never lay down and rest at home do to his high energy? Do you wish you could have visitors over without him jumping all over them?  Does he almost knock you over by bolting through the door before you?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the program for you.  In as little as two lessons I am able to help you solve all of those issues. By teaching you how to communicate with your dog effectively, I can not only get your dog to follow you when you walk her, but I can show you how to calm her down and have her stay put when people visit you.

  • 2 one-on-one lessons
  • 1-2 hours each
  • Herm Sprenger prong collar is included
  • Great for pretty good dogs who just have a minor issue or two and for owners who simply want to have a better relationship with their dog
  • Results that work in the real world
  • $299 – at our location