Dogs Are Pack Animals

Matt Hendricks

Matt Hendricks

Dog trainer and behaviorist.

One of the first things I usually explain to people is that dogs are pack animals. Understanding this in fundamental to understanding how dogs think and respond and why the do what they do. I feel that every dog trainer should have experience working with a pack of dogs. It allows you to learn first hand about pack mentality and pack structure. Also, the pack doesn’t lie. They will let you know what they really think about you. If you are not doing a good job, they will tell you. However, if you do have a good understanding of dog psychology and you are doing a good job, they will also make that obvious as you can see in some of my YouTube videos.

I first saw this video a little over a year ago on Tyler Muto’s blog. The man in this video, Heini Winter, obviously understands how to lead a dog pack. It is easy to see how much the dogs enjoy being with him and following him. The pack mentality is evident as they run together.

It is rare that I am impressed by a video showing someone working with dogs, but this has become one of my favorite videos. This video makes it easy to see that dogs really are pack animals and how much is possible when they have a good leader to follow.

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