Why Train Your Dog?

Picture of Matt Hendricks

Matt Hendricks

Dog trainer and behaviorist.

One of the reasons I train my dogs is because I like to be with them as much as possible. Training your dog gives you and your dog more freedom. It allows you to take your dog more places, it allows you to spend more time together, and to enjoy the time you spend together. Training your dog allows you to do things with your dog that you otherwise couldn’t do.

Also, training your dog helps keep your dog safe. Maybe you have to call her when she wants to chase the squirrel into the road, or maybe you just tell her to lie down while you work in the kitchen so she doesn’t accidentally get burned. An obedient dog is a safer dog.

Training your dog gives her something to do in life. It keeps her from getting bored because she has to be attentive to your leadership. In other words, it gives her a job. It is something that she can feel proud of and look forward to in life.

Just like it is a blessing for a child to have good parents that teach them and help them, it is also a blessing for a dog to be trained. See, I train my dogs because I love them. Training them allows me to spend the most time with them while still being able to keep them happy and safe.

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